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Cave Pilots
is a local multiplayer game for 2 or more players (no single player, sorry!), where each player controls a tria... I mean a high-tech spaceship in cramped cave levels, trying to navigate in hazardous environments and ultimately destroy all opponents. The caves are filled with vines, explosive barrels, water and other hazards and obstacles, and players can sometimes also find several powerful weapons, such as spike balls and grenades. There are currently only 3 different levels, but all of them have some randomized elements.


Cave Pilots takes advantage of Box2D physics and LiquidFun Soft Body Particles, resulting in huge amount of emergent gameplay. For instance grenade can be deflected by a bullet or ship can be thrown against wall by water.


Up to 3 players can play on the keyboard and in addition to that up to 4 player can join with xinput controllers, such as Xbox360 controllers. And that's not all! There is also at least partial support for other controller types, although I have not been able to test them. This means that theoretically there is support for up to 15 players.

All assets are made by me, except the font (

I originally made this game in just two days for Finnish game development forum's ( summer competition few weeks ago, but due to the forum's low activity I'm yet to get any real feedback on the game. As I liked this game a lot myself, I was thinking maybe putting it for sale in steam and therefore I'd like to get some feedback from outsiders so that I can make the game better. Especially I'd like to hear how the game plays with different number of players and if other than xinput controllers work. I have only tested the game with 2, 3 and 5 players. At least with 5 players the game was a lot of fun so I'm hoping that you'll find the game entertaining too.

I have made dozens of small games with GameMaker but only published a few here years ago. I think for a game made in 2 days, this a great fun and if you find yourself constantly trying to find party games to play with your friends (as I do), you should definitely try this game out!

I'm eagerly waiting for feedback! Thanks!

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Looking at the screenshots, this looks like a really fun game that has loads of potential. I would definitely buy this from Steam, GOG or!