Team Request Cathedr'l, a dungeons and dragons/chess crossover



Hello all,
My name is PJ, im 19 and currently going to college for programming. All i know so far about GML is self taught over the last month and a half but i pick up very quickly. I am currently looking for any programmers who would like to help out with this project or maybe needs help with their own project. Im really looking for a small group 2-5 people MAX. Im hoping to get some semi experienced programmers and maybe one non experienced person who can learn through the experience. If anyone would like to join go ahead and comment below, and if you have any questions at all leave them down below too. If nothing else im looking for some programmers to be friends with, im kinda all alone and its always hard to program without a second pair of eyes.

so the game works like this
- its played on a chess board
-you can move or attack once per turn
-different characters move differently(like the knight or bishop)
-they have multiple attacks to pick from, some ranged
-they have health
-when attacks are made dice are rolled for both attacking and defending then compared to see how many hit and how many missed

and we are not looking to build an AI but we are looking to make it multiplayer. like you play a move and it sends to the other person and they make their move and it sends back.

for now we are just making it for pc but if we could do it for android and iphone that would be even better!!!

These are the stats cards we will be using to program the pieces. it has info like movement, health, spells and attacks:
cards.jpg cards2.jpg

TL/DR: making a game , who wants in?
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I'm musician, and I'm really interested in your project, all my childhood I've played strategy games :')
I'm new in game development but I have experience in music (electronic and instrumental music especially) and sound design.

My work:

I don't know if you want a musician still or not, but I'm here :D

You are absolutely welcome to the team.
Do you think you could make like a 20 second demo of some more pixlated but midevil music?