GMS 2.3+ catch windows close event ?


I'm under windows 10, and I'd like to keep a bordered window, in order to be able to move the window around and minimize it,
but it also allows the payer to click on the close "X" button, whenever in the game which is not very convenient...

So is it possible to catch this windows event ?

I saw that an old extension is doing it thru a DLL but is there something new, or integrated into GMS2 that I missed ?

Same question with the other Windows events that I'd like to catch/control (resize/minimize,maximize, restore).


It used to call the Game End event. Test if it still does.
Yes it does, giving a chance to save data on the fly in urgency, but we cannot refuse/disable the closing event. I'd like for example to ask "are you sure you want to quit ?", "wan't to save ?", etc...