Android Cat vs. Human

In an effort to fully understand the process of publishing a game I have created this.
A very easy to use Android game where you can play with your cat over LAN.
While it is technically a complete app there isn't much content at the moment. I would greatly appreciate any and all suggestions, criticism , and comments on the functionality and potential features as well as the feasibility of continuing development on this concept. I am planning on adding more game mechanics and improving/adding content in the near future if there is any interest in the project. Thanks in advance for any input.
Does it also work with dogs?
I do not have a dog to test it with. But if it is a curious dog I do not see any reason they couldn't play. In theory any pet could play. If anyone has a dog, rabbit, lemur, iguana, cuddlefish, sheep, gecko, cricket, moose, eagle, squirrel, horny toad, spotted owl, ferret, monkey, boa constrictor, anteater, platypus, or other family pet they love and would be willing to test I would be very interested in the results.