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Alpha CastleMaker: Alpha 4.0


Castlevania Maker is a level editor based on the NES title, Castlevania.
DOWNLOAD: https://meowanator.itch.io/castle-maker

- Many placeable blocks and decorations.
- Improved physics from Castlevania, yet still based on the original.
- 64 tile wide levels

Version History:
A 1.0: Initial Revealment
A 1.1: View Improvement, Size increase (15 -> 64), Block tips
A 2.0: Enemies, Music
A 2.1: Music Options, Faster Whip, Title Screen

Road Map:
Alpha 3: Movement Improvement, New Block Pallets
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Also - it could be useful to use that empty space in the menu bar for titles of the blocks (so we know if it is a special type, like the one with the wall meat ;)).


It's been a while since I updated the GameMaker Community page for this game, but CastleMaker has been recieving updates! It's currently on Alpha 4.0. The changes since the last post include subweapons, ui buttons, more enemies, better physics, new blocks, and more!
Download: https://meowanator.itch.io/castle-maker
Be sure to check the devlogs on the itch.io page, as there have been a lot of changes since last post.