Cartoon Shader Idea?


I am looking for a road map for making an image looks cartoon.. Example application is Comica for android...

I've tried Line Integral Convolution method and can get some results but there is something extra for this images. Especially edges are very smooth and clear and sharp...

Another example image is


Posterization or color effects is not important. My main goal is getting smoothed and curved edges like these images..

Any idea?


Thank you for your answers.. Yes I'm searching for it for a couple of days and finally I found a way from shadertoy
Anisotropic Kuwahara method...
when I change
const float radius = 8.0;
const float alpha = 0.01;
const float q = 1.0; I got a cartoonlook result..
But it's very hard to implement to GameMaker shader. Because of using texture2D in dynamic loops GM doesn't compile it.
I'm still trying to implement...