Cars on Planets Engine (Gravity)


Cars on Planets Engine
Maybe someone wants to make a game out of this. Or else it would make a good learning resource! :)

GM Version: Game Maker 8.0 (and maybe GM:Studio?) MOD EDIT: It is not compatible with Studio.
Target Platform: All
Links: N/A

It's an engine for games with planetary gravity, possibly with cars in it!

No tutorial. Try the example file and learn from there.

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GM Version: Game Maker 8.0 (and maybe GM:Studio?)
I'm afraid not. Your GM8 version (.gmk) file uses many obsolete functions, including execute_string(). So it definitely won't run in GM Studio, as is. It would need a fair amount of work.

The other problem I see is the near complete lack of proper line terminations (semi-colons). GM allows that, but it's a bad idea. It can lead to errors or unexpected results that can be hard to identify. So I strongly urge you to fix this.

Other than that, the code is well formatted and fairly easy to follow. So members who want the challenge of re-writing it for Studio should be able to do so. Ideally however, that member would be you. :rolleyes:


That would be great! I tried to port it the other day, but I think I messed up with it. I remember it was crashing for some reason I didn't know...
I can give it a try, but I won't promise anything, porting over is really hard to do :/