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Discussion Capped number of scripts?


"You have reached the limits of the free license for 'Scripts'"

I knew some stuff was left out of the beta but I didn't think we would be limited like this. Is there anything else that is capped like this?


Is pretty well explained in the FAQ

  • Objects - 15
  • Sprites - 20 (no dynamic loading permitted, no SWF or Spine sprites permitted)
  • Sounds - 10 (no audio buffers permitted)
  • Tilesets - 2
  • Scripts - 10
  • Paths - 5 (no dynamic path creation permitted)
  • Timelines - 2 (no dynamic timeline creation permitted)
  • Fonts - 5 (no dynamic font creation permitted)
  • Rooms - 5 (no dynamic room creation permitted)
  • Shaders - 0
  • Included files - 0
  • Extensions - 0
  • Configurations - 0
  • You cannot set the size of Texture Pages
  • You cannot create Texture Groups
  • You cannot create Audio Groups
  • You cannot use SWF or Spine format sprites
  • You cannot create Extensions
  • You cannot get assets off of the Marketplace
  • You cannot use the built in Source Control
  • You cannot import old projects from previous versions of GameMaker Studio
  • You cannot import YYZ packages