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Windows Can't run or create executables

Roman P.

really annoying... :(

everytime i run or try to build in the output all i get is

Saving project to: C:\Users\...
and nothing happens

i restarted computer
reinstalled the gms2 still the same :(

back to gms1 :(


Hey dude, I was having the same problem after the recent update, but this fixed it (solution originally provided by Daniel Jackson in a recent thread):

When you open Game Maker, look in the top right corner and see if there are two little blue speech bubbles. If there are, click 'em, and it should pop up with a message about a new runtime. Click that message, and it should automatically open the settings for which runtime is in use. Double click the latest one, and it'll install it. Let Game Maker restart and, if that's your problem, it should work!


It probably had something to do with the Steam version of GMS2 and the fact that the last update added Marketplace for Steam users. After 30th of March I couldn't "Run" any of my projects.
Fixed now, but it was a bit frustrating since no errors were ever shown. In my case it took relogging to Steam as well, cuz the speech bubbles were grey for me with nothing to show and when I clicked on File->My Account in GMS2 it suggested to check my connection (though it was fine). Even after relogging to Steam it took few GMS2 reloads and I had to relog into my account few times, only then the speech bubbles turned blue and I could get to the updating part.


I had this same problem, and the above solution worked for me! Thank you, Galloper!

It really IS extremely frustrating though, because I had no clue what was going on, and it took me half
an hour to find this post.

I hope that the next update will address this. I'm very new to both this program, and coding in general,
and something like this just adds to the struggles that I'm already having.

Bugs will happen, but something major, like our projects failing to run, ought to be detected, and we ought
to get some information and help from the program, at that point.

Thanks again!