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Android Can't recompile and run app on my phone until I manually kill "OpenJDK Platform binary" process from previous compile


I mentioned this previously in another thread, but it was hidden in a thread on a different subject, so thought it deserved it's own thread.

As described in the title, if I compile an app, test it on my phone, close it, and make changes and press F5 to compile and run again on my phone, GM2 says that it's "stopping" something, but never does, and just waits there.
If I go into Task Manager and kill the "OpenJDK Platform binary" process, GM2 then starts to compile and run the app on my phone, as expected.

Anyone have any idea why this is happening?
As far as I can tell, I have installed everything correctly without errors, so I don't think it's a faulty installation of the JDK, and all my apps and games run fine on my phone.

Did a search on here, and didn't find much.
Am I the only one that's ever got this error?


Try pressing the stop/close button a couple of times at the top of the IDE before you try building again after making the changes.


Hi mate.
Just tried that.
Doesn't make any difference.
The OUTPUT at the bottom of the screen says that it's STOPPING, but never completes.

Funnily enough, after trying what you suggested, because it didn't work, I pressed the Clean button next to it, and it ran the clean process.
(It's only a small test program with a bouncing ball, so that I could find a solution without having to compile a large game).
After the clean had finished, I clicked Play, and the game compiled and ran on my phone, so I guess the "Cleaning" killed the process that was causing the problem.
However, trying to run and compile the game again after that, closed GM2 without error message, but left the process running, meaning that until I killed that process manually, I couldn't start GM2 again, as it was reported as already running.

Very bizarre.
I'm almost resigned to having to kill the process every time I want to test any apps on my phone.

Maybe I'll uninstall and reinstall all the DKs.
Can't remember which guide I used initially.
Any suggestions to which guide to use, and what to install?
I've a feeling that it's because I installed the Emulator stuff to test my apps on the emulator, but I'm quite happy NOT to install any of that stuff now, as the emulator was very disappointing and unreliable.

And thanks for your suggestion.


Well, did all the uninstalling and reinstalling of the DKs, but it still does the same.
Not sure why, but I can put up with it.
It's not a biggy.

What I did just notice is that when testing an app, only the current app is installed/runnable from my phone.
I thought that if I changed the app name in the options, that I'd get each one installed when I test it.
For instance, if I test appA, appB and then appC, only appC is left installed on my phone after I've finished.
Maybe I'm missing something obvious.
As I've said in other threads, I've been using GM for years, but exporting to Android is completely new to me.