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Mac OSX Can't open GM2 after I had to shutdown my Macbook

EDIT: It's solved. @Nocturne was right. It was just a server issue.


so I try to open Gamemaker 2 but this is what I get:



And after the 3rd screenshot, when I click on "retry" it throws me back to what you see on the 2nd screenshot.

Haaaaalp XD

EDIT: It's solved. @Nocturne was right. It was just a server issue.
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I just accepted the updated agreement and manage to log back into my IDE. So I think it's probably back up for everyone too.
Tech Support wrote an E-Mail saying that it really was just the servers. Maybe Europe has different servers so it took longer (?)
Well, I tried again now and it works.


King of Raccoons
I didnt have this Ssue, It simply prompted me to log in and accept the agreements, I did, it asked me to log in again, and all was fine

EDIT: I should add im on windows, but that shouldnt matter as the OS shouldnt be important for this
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