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Question - IDE Can't load project w/ 2.2.5 after installing 2.3 via Steam


So I am trying to set up a 2.3 and 2.2.5 install on my machine. I used Steam to install 2.3.
But now when I try to open the original version of my project in 2.2.5, it says "Project load failed. Unable to load /BaseProject/Baseproject.yyp".

This is the original version of my project, not the converted one.

Is it something to do with the runtime? I thought that if I used Steam, I could have separate 2.2.5 and 2.3 installs? But how is that gonna work if they use the same run time?
Or perhaps Mono? It went through a new Mono install when I downloaded 2.3 on Steam, did that screw up my 2.2.5 install?

And how do I get my original project working again?


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You will need to change runtimes I believe, when you switch versions. You can switch runtimes from the Preferences easily enough. It'll require that you restart GM, but once the two you need have been downloaded it's just a minor inconvenience.


OK got this figured out - had to go to the Runtimes Master Feed in Preferences and double-click the last 2.2.5 Runtime. Now it runs again in 2.2.5.

Haven't tried 2.3 yet :)