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Windows Can't import multiple PNGs in a Sprite Resource

Hello friends,

just update GMS and now I can't import sprite animations any longer. It will only import 1 frame and that is it.
I used to be able to click multiple PNG files and they would import as sequence. That doesn't work anymore.

Any help apprecaited.
Thank you


you can add sprites in array
and used like this

Or write your code so we can try to help you better


I think you mean you can not add more then one sprite in the Sprite Editor?

If yes, this is a bug and is fixed in the actual beta release afaik. I had the same Problem.

You can also add the sprites by edting the image and use the import tool in the tool bar.

Not OP, but I had the same issue & sent in a report as well...have not checked back in a few days, however I am using IDE: 2.3.3..570 with Runtime:

Sadly, I am brand new to GMS2 & the first tutorial Fire Jump has us use this functionality almost immediately.

I was streaming at the time & you can see me attempting to do this here: GMS2 Bug Stream Highlight

I gave up after about 25 minutes.