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Windows Can't import anything by drag and dropping from file explorer


Felix Pilon

I was previously able to do it when I was running the version of GMS2 that I downloaded from the site, but since I downloaded it on Steam, I cannot drag files from the file explorer, such as sprites, into GMS2 to import them. Running Steam and GMS2 as Administrator does not solve the problem, and I cannot find anything online to fix this that does not involve this solution. I'm kind of a newbie so maybe I'm missing something. I have the latest version and runtime installed, and I'm on Windows 8.1. Thank you for helping.


I don't remember being able to drop files into GMS2 at all. Once I split an atlas of sprites in GMS2 and copy-pasted each frame into other sprites..

Another functionality that I'd really love to have is to be able to drag and drop sprites into a texture group. Clicking repeatedly is such a painful task to complete.


You can drag sprites into the IDE. For drag and drop to work on windows, file explorer and the application you're dropping into, or any two applications involving a d&d operation have to be run with the same permission level. The normal thing to do is to not run GMS2 as an admin.


Friendly Tyrant
Forum Staff
It could be a bug with the Steam version, if you say you can do this with the standalone. Please file a ticket with the helpdesk!