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Question - D&D Can't draw global variables to the screen?


So, I've created a global variable in a "Game Start" event. Then, in a "Draw" event on the same object, I convert the global variable number (0 for the time being) to a string and store it in a new temporary variable before placing a draw value action to draw the value. When I run the program, I get an error labeled "Global variable index not set before reading". I tried to change the value to 100 instead of 0 and it didn't seem to work, and I specified an X and Y location as well. Anyone have any ideas?


The Game Start event won't run unless that object's instance is placed in the first room. Either you move the instance to the first room, or you use the Create event instead, or you move the global variable setup elsewhere. Read the Manual's entry on events and get a grip on when they run.