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Question - Downloading Can't download GMS 2.3 assets ("The requested version is not available for download.")


I've a permanent desktop license for GMS 2.x, but I can't download GMS 2.3+ assets on the marketplace.
Everytime I get the error " The requested version is not available for download.", I've already tried multiple assets.

Anyone else with this problem?
Deleted cache/cookies, disabled scriptblocker, tried another browser but with no luck so far.

Kind Regards



I don't know how to work around the issue but I recently uploaded my first asset and noticed they allow you to upload 3 versions, one for 1.4, 2 and 2.3. I would assume next to nobody has updated their assets for 2.3 and many probably never will. If you can't download it through the IDE, possibly you could manually download the 2 version.