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Windows Can't convert to GML from DnD

Ran into something interesting today- in ONE room out of many in my project, it is impossible to convert from DnD to GML. What's more, ANY instance brought into this room will be converted (without any notice) to DnD... I have been digging around and haven't yet found anything similar (or any reason why/how this could be happening).
This room has had a history of strange lagging, even occasional freezes. I haven't ever been able to reason why... but this could very well be the culprit. Still, I'm stumped as to what's happening!

Does this sound familiar to anyone?
I'm running Windows 10, and IDE
SOLVED---(sort of...)
I noticed that this one room's creation code, was in DnD format, where others had (at some point I suppose?) been converted to GML...
I had no idea that would affect every instance brought into that room (and would bar you from converting said instance until the room itself had creation code that was GML)

So apparently (and this HAS to be new, or related to this IDE) EVERY SINGLE OBJECT in the room is converted to DnD if, in a DnD project, you open the creation code of that room, and have not run 'convert to GML' on that room's creation code. I checked other rooms and watched as instances (all GML) were locked into DnD merely by clicking a room's EMPTY creation code...
If you try and then convert any instance to GML, it won't take- at least not until you open that creation code, drop something in, then convert that from DnD to GML. you can go back and forth like this and it messes with every object in the room.
This is something I've never seen before this IDE. Is it a feature? It can't be intentional...

hope this helps someone down the line!
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This is something I've never seen before this IDE. Is it a feature? It can't be intentional...
This does sound more like a bug than an intentional change to the IDE. I would request that you file a bug report and (if you still have it) include a YYZ of the old project and give steps to do the conversion so they can actually check that the issue occurs and how it occurs. Failing that, a YYZ of the current project would be fine. Thanks!