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Can't connect to my mac from my pc

Discussion in 'Legacy GameMaker Community Tech Support' started by eyal, Aug 2, 2016.

  1. eyal

    eyal Guest

    No matter what I do, I can't connect.
    I have checked and I can connect from the pc to the mac BUT when trying to do so from gm studio - it says access denied and I should check the name or password. BUT I am connected to the pc just not from the software.

    This bug stops me from exporting to ios

    What can be done ????
  2. skeer

    skeer Guest

    I've read some of your previous posts, but I'm not sure what exactly you are asking. Are you trying to use gamemaker on a Mac? Or export to iOS? Or connect a multiplayer game?

    When you try to connect, are you using a MAC address, or a Mac IP address? Hopefully we can find an answer, but for now I need more info on the problem. :)
  3. ZigZag

    ZigZag Member

    Jun 20, 2016
    Hi eyal

    I think you have the same problem as I had during the setup process, I followed this guide:

    Under the section Syncing your mac with PC they talk about that you have to go to settings then sharing and activate file sharing, but they newer mention the remote login option(until the end of the guide), the remote login option has to be active as well, so GMS properly can communicate with the mac.

    I hope this helps :)
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  4. eyal

    eyal Guest

    Well, the reason I was looking at the GM for mac was because I couldn't connect to the pc.

    I am trying to export to ios and for that I have followed everything on the guide.

    I am using the mac name on my network - the same one that allowed me to connect to it and had a success when from the pc to the mac
  5. eyal

    eyal Guest

    Thank you for that.

    I have everything checked and working like I said but not from the GM :-(
  6. skeer

    skeer Guest

    I did some googling, is it possible that your Windows PC had firewall active, such as Norton or Avast, and blocking the connection for gamemaker? Idk, I can't think of any other possible problems, and the PuTTy error you posted in a different thread seemed strange and like it could be an SSH problem of some sort. Hopefully this can get sorted out.
  7. eyal

    eyal Guest

    thank you for that but no anti virus or any gate here
  8. Noman

    Noman Member

    Dec 10, 2016
    Adding a note here for any who might be googling these connection issues. IT WON'T CONNECT IF YOUR PASSWORD IS BLANK... (even if that is the correct password!)

    After pulling my hair out for half a day I changed my Mac User password to something other than blank and it fired right up over wifi.
  9. Siracher

    Siracher Member

    Apr 11, 2017
    Hi, thanks a lot! this helpde me to get the connection working!!
  10. ViceVersa

    ViceVersa Member

    Aug 30, 2016
    I would just like to add to this, I also had this problem. I noticed at the bottom it said a part of my Mac password could not be recognized as a program or batch file. I tried changing my Mac password to something without numbers or special characters and now the connection is okay!

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