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iOS Cannot update iOS IAP extension to latest version



My app crashes whenever I cancel a transaction on iOS. According to the extension's patch notes, this issue was resolved in v1.0.2:


I have imported the IAP extension to my project via the Marketplace Library. However, it's giving me v1.0.0:


Is there another download source I can use for v1.0.2? If anyone has a copy, would they be so kind as to share it here?

I believe I meet the IDE runtime compatibility requirement:


Thank you.


Well, I see now that v1.0.2 requires GM 2.3, which itself requires a complete project conversion.

This is pretty bad news, as Apple will not accept my app submission unless I can fix the issues caused by v1.0.0 of the IAP extension.

There should be a massive disclaimer about this on the extension store page.