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Linux Cannot run in Ubuntu VM


I cannot run my compiled game on my Oracle VM with Ubuntu 18.04.02 LTS bionic installed. I used a standard and official Ubuntu image with Gnome GUI already in it. I have added all the packages on the setup page.

The game compiles just fine from my Windows PC, but it does not run on the VM.
I try to run the game from the VM using a terminal windows (Ctrl+Alt+T) and the command "sh execute.sh". It does nothing and does not even give out an error code. It just accepts the command the prints a new line for a new command.

What am I doing wrong here?

PS: I did a test with a "game" only consisting of an object moving right. That one compiles as well, and is run by the VM. However, I cannot start that from the VM afterwards either. There's only a file with the same name as the "game", and when I try to run it by writing "sh UbuTest", I get a "syntax error, ")" expected" error.