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Cannot find the folder of my .ini

Hi Folks,

I cannot find the folder of my .ini-data. Game Maker 2 saves it into

So... I cannot find the folder "AppData" and folders within.
I use Windows 10. Can anybody gimme a hint?

Best wishes, Archie.


Definitely not a Sith Lord
If you haven't tampered with the Game Settings, GMS by default stores it to %localappdata%\Your_Game_Name on Windows (Winkey+R, copy and paste the path to go straight to your game folder). If you haven't tampered with the file explorer settings on Windows, then you won't find the folder by default. To view it from the file explorer, you have to enable "Show hidden files" in the file explorer settings (I don't remember the exact steps, but Google should help if you don't want to explore by yourself). Meanwhile, I also recommend enabling "Show known file extensions" as well, it could be handy for other purposes outside of GMS.

Hope I helped! :)