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Android / Amazon Fire Cannot debug with Android WM



I connect my android smartphone to my Windows 10 PC and push Debug button in GMS2 IDE.
My game starts on my android smartphone, the splash screen is shown and then black screen is shown and stays there forever.
In the console this is the last output produced:
11-06 22:37:31.354  3287  3358 I yoyo    : Entering main loop.
11-06 22:37:31.354  3287  3358 I yoyo    : **********************************.
11-06 22:37:31.354  3287  3358 I yoyo    : ...Waiting for debugger to connect...
11-06 22:37:31.354  3287  3358 I yoyo    : MANUFACTURER = HUAWEI
After that, nothing happens.
Am I missing something to be able to debug on the android device?
Btw, when I run normally (no debug) the game starts on the device without any problems.

Right now I'm implementing IAP for mobiles, so I must run it for Android in order to be able to test and debug.

I'm using latest GMS2 stable version: GMS2 v2.2.4.474 Runtime v2.2.4.374.