GML Can you spot a mistake in this collision checking?


ObamaCare problem2.jpg
Hi! I have a problem with this code, and just wanted to check if you guys can see something wrong with it. This game was made with umm... GM6 I think. And it's like 80% finished so I'm not going to change to a newer version for this game.

There is an airplane here that can go between LA and Honolulu. Obama is the player character. If the player is currently standing on the plane the variable obama_on_board is set to true. I have checked and this works perfectly. When you're onboard the plane you can fly to the other city. But the purpose of this code is to make it impossible to fly if the other airport is occupied by a republican. (This is done by setting the frame for the fly-button to 2, which means that it's greyed out and can't be clicked on.) The co-ordinates of the airports are also correct.

I added the show_message things there to check, and it turns out that those never get called. I have tried removing the (LAX_HNLPlane.on_mainland == true) bit, but that didn't help either. So I was wondering if there's just some silly mistake I've made in the collision_point code, or is this problem more complicated than that?