3D Can you make a 3D online game with the extension GMnet ENGINE?


yes. but you can also make a 3d online game without it.
depends on how much time and effort you put into it and how good you want the final product to be.


If you can't see the other player in the room, that means you are not sending and receiving messages about player positions. Read the documentation for GMNet and learn how that is done, then tailor-make the message handling code to your project's needs. Player input should now send messages to the server, and in-game entities should accept commands and/or status updates from incoming messages. There is more to making an online game than just dropping a networking engine into an otherwise one-player architecture, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution.
One thing that I now demand of all networking novices is an understanding of procedures in correspondence chess, even if they don't all play chess. That's the closest physical analogue of how actual multiplayer games work, and it stops dead most rookie myths about multiplayer games.
  • The connection is not a shared board between the players on a table, it's just the mailman in a correspondence game.
  • Nothing happens on your board until you act upon mail sent out by your opponent.
  • Nothing happens on your opponent's board until you send him/her mail stating what your move is.
  • For the same reason you can't use chess notation in backgammon, bridge or StarCraft, you have to tailor the form and notation to the game.
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Back when I first became a GMC member (which was sometime before 2006), we used to joke about newbies wanting to make a 3D MMORPG as their first project. I don't think I've ever seen somebody seriously want to do that, though, so kudos for fullfilling the prophecy :p

Frosty's quote basically summarizes your issues.
  • every player's instance of a multiplayer game is independent
  • the multiplayer bit is all about SYNCHRONIZING the instances so the same things happen in all of them
  • you need to be able to handle networking delays (without slowing the game down so it becomes unplayable) and resynchronize the game occasionally (if things goes out of sync)
Handling all of this in a stable and smooth way is so hard big companies struggles with it. Don't expect not to struggle with it.