Question - General Can we sell assets and/or code made with GMS 2.3 while still in beta?


As the title says and I would like an official answer from yoyogames staff, if possible.

Thank you for you time.


Firehammer Games
I have one asset I finished(will be for free though), and I'm taking advantage of 2.3 and re-writing another asset, both to use the new features and to simply be better(so I can add some new features to it much more easily). I personally will not be releasing either one of these until 2.3 is officially out of beta. It isn't likely there will be any breaking changes(though there could be). But, there are bugs that will be fixed. For example, you can't directly chain an array accessor [] with a function call () like array[3](); You can store functions in arrays, but there is a bug with the chaining. You can work around it by storing the value in a temp variable and calling the function with that instead. If they fix this bug before release, I can remove my workaround before releasing the asset that uses it, instead of having to release an update so soon(or just leaving it in there). I'm sure there are other bugs and workarounds people are messing with too.