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Discussion can we have function like variable_global_get_name()



Can we have variable_global_get_name() *function that gets name of all exist global variable in the room as an array of string
I am trying to make debugger and already work around another similar function like variable_instance_exit /get_name /get /set which goes pretty well but when work around global variable there no function to get all names.
I know that this is compatibility function and I can manually store global variable names in an actual code but since function alike already exits I don't think it hard to add this one and manually storing name will make it a bit out of my goal.

sorry if there already a way to get all global variable name and please tell me ^ ^

The Shatner

Hey NuttyOwO!
When you run the game in debug mode, the debugger tells you all about the global vars.


I know that and it's the reason why I don't think it hard to add function alike. It not really a serious problem for me but just make thing more convenient to use.
let me explain a bit now I create debugger which has functions to take a bit control over variable same as GMS:2 debug mode (control over variable of instance etc)
and I made it out of interest so i'm not really care if it something debugger mode can do XD
as for instance scope now I have a button which you can click and instance variable name list appear ready to select and take control.
I do create textbox which you can type name so actually, for global scope i can remember variable name or open debug mode and look at variable name then type it
but as you can see it not exactly convenient which is my goal.