Suggestion Can we get a Wiki?


Like can there be a curated and moderated wiki that is part of the GMC?
As in some content can be locked and discussed on a talk page and it is set as online documentation or instructional material and is part of the GMC linked to our Yoyo accounts.
Users can make pages and invite others (or everyone) to collaborate on code, articles, documentation, examples etc. The idea being whatever was contributed was as free to use as what is in the manual.
I dont want to really get into what license is best for such a wiki, thats so not my call.
I just want to see an official GM Wiki for more collaborative writing than the forum offers.
I think it should be a lot like uh, wikipedia, and then you have user levels that control what you can edit.
It should have a talk page like wikipedia has so people that cant edit a post, can still participate.

can we get a wiki?
it would help quite a bit I think.


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There is currently an unofficial wiki kind of thing, which aims to cover anything that the official manual does not cover. An official wiki would be cool, but would need to be moderated and maintained, which is likely why that didn't happen just yet.


not quite what I was looking for.
I will see about developing some articles that might populate such a wiki, maybe if there is a demonstrated need, it might get more attention.

thank you.


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yeah, it was a spammers delight. We were constantly removing spam, illegal uploads you name it. not something we're looking to add any time soon.


That's really sad, wikis are very helpful.

Reminds me of a guy I know let game maker users upload games and examples to his site, back when GM 6.0 was the newest version.