Can someone help me with making a simple menu navigation?

The heading is pretty self-explanatory. I need help with making a simple menu where I can press the arrow keys and hovering sprites to replace the regular sprites.

All of the code I have put into the project, I understand easily. Other than what I already put in the project, I need help with.
Please tell me how close or far off I am to a fully functional navigational menu. The project can be found here.

Credit will be given when a final product is made using this mechanic. If the following link does not lead to a .zip file containing the project, OR if want to help me, then please DM me.


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I'll move this to the Programming forum from Collaboration as it's not a good fit for the latter, but a perfect fit for the former. Well, almost.

Please post the relevant code to make it easier for others to help you. Then it'll be a perfect fit. :)