Can I write an online casino game with game maker studio ?


I'm new to game dev and game maker studio2. Before I dive deep into the platform to spend time learning, just asking all those experienced with the tool whether I can build something like an online casino using game maker studio 2 or not. The game is gonna be like a simple blackjack or slot machine game where users can buy coins and play games and somehow cash out to their paypal account or something like that. Appreciated if someone could give me some pointers on my quest. Thanks.


Hey, @harrylynn17 ! I'd say that you can do any sort of [2D] game with GMS, but that doesn't mean it is gonna be an easy task. But in the end, yes, you can do an online cassino game with GMS.
Ah, and about the pointers you requested, you should start looking into making an offline game before you go into online, since this last option will take much more effort in terms of data security and such.

This can be used as a starting point for an offline slot machine game:

Altough it is made using GM8, the same concepts apply for GMS2.

Hope it helps you!
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If this is your first time dealing with game development, I strongly discourage you from working on real-money casino games. These have additional legal, security and compliance layers that you have not given enough thought to. Learning the trade itself is enough work already, don't complicate it even more with red tape and upkeep.


Blackjack and slot machines can be made, easy enough.

Making the game online is also doable, though more difficult.

Real-world money complicates things. Because for one thing, how is the player to know that he isn't being scammed? For all he knows, your game could be rigged. So why should he choose your game over one that has already been established by a reputable casino? For another thing, how are you going to ensure that the player isn't cheating? Along those lines, random number generators can be reverse engineered and exploited. (Somebody actually won a lottery this way. The lottery found out and quickly switched to a different method of random number generation so that it wouldn't happen again, but it happens.) Then there are all the potential legal issues that you could run into...