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Design Can i use those on my game?

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This is rediculous, I can't believe you've reached a post count of 50+ on this topic. When you have something anywhere near to releasing, worry about the sounds. If it really bothers you, record yourself burping the alphabet. That gives you 26 royalty free, free to use assets right there.


I have 2 new doubts:

While my game won't be violent as the others, i'm now envisioning my game as a game where you tickle the villians instead of killing them, but it makes my game too childish, right?
But i think a childish game like my one that has that idea of tickle villians is even enjoyable for all ages for be "So bad, its good"...
Now i'm envisioning my game as a "So bad, its good" one as it includes weird, childish and ridiculous stuff, but anyways, enjoyable for all ages (No mature content, no difficult stuff... no bad ortography like using "u" instead of "you", etc...) i don't know... what do you think?

In Undertale AU's theme songs, they're the same as Undertale's OST, but with Leitmofs changed... my game's OST was the same as Undertale's OST, but with Leitmofs changed... but now... there's some modifications with leitmof orders on the songs, making people to not note this fact...
Isn't forbbiden to make songs be the same as others but with leitmofs changed in an original creation like my game?
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This is going nowhere, and any discussion that was actually being done has finished a long time ago. Closed.
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