Can I set different things to happen depending on how much two objects colide?


Filip Spasic

So I have two clouds, one player cloud and one enemy cloud. What I want is, if I hit the enemy cloud, I die, but if I only scratch the enemy cloud with my player cloud, I charge with electricity. Is there a way to have these different conditions happen based on how much the collision boxes overlap? Im open to any idea on how to make it


Lots of ways probably. My suggestion would be this. Do check for a collision with the cloud directly. Have the player cloud spawn two hit boxes, one smaller than the other, and check for collisions with those.

If the cloud is a circle (or oval) you can do your own collision checking, but if it is an oval then that will take probably learning a little bit of math


You could measure the distance when they collide:

var dist = point_distance(x, y, x2, y2);
if (dist > scratch_dist) // die
else charge_meh

Something like that mb.