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Legacy GM Can I make a 2D platformer environment without sprites?



Okay let's say I drew a stage like this (ignore background)

The platforms player can walk are not straight collision lines like Mario. After I draw my whole stage (300x3000 resolution for example) and use it as a background in my room, how can I use invisible colliders properly? Or is there a tutorial that makes a 2d platformer without going full mario like platforms?

Thanks in advance.


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If you remove the rope you're just using tiles for collision, but with the rope and amongst other things your going to be using sprites regardless of draw calls.


I'll say this, it would be much easier using sprites, but you could also test for an object in a certain area (https://docs.yoyogames.com/source/d...nd collisions/movement/distance_to_point.html)
you would have to use a bunch of un-nessisary if statements and such, but it's possible.

FE: If you wanted to test for a certain object in a collision you could (from my experience) use something that tests for the enemy entering a players radius.
if distance_to_point(enemy.x, enemy.y) < 5{
instance_change(obj_player_dead, true)

I'm not experienced with not using sprites though.


Learn about collision functions, they dont require sprites (or dr pepper, or coke), just a step event to work.

Start with collision_rectangle

https://docs.yoyogames.com/source/dadiospice/002_reference/movement and collisions/collisions/collision_rectangle.html
How many carbonated beverages are you using? Sprite's for the master race :p

Also yea, you can use text, you could use C++ external calls if you wanted to or call json files, but using sprites is just so much easier and it's not like we're making games for the snes anymore. Resource consumption for 2D honestly means squat for PC, only have to worry when you are targeting mobile devices tho!