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Can GameMaker Studio Handle This?

Hello there,

Name's blueoriontiger. Been poking at GameMaker Studio since I was 19 in various forms, and has been partially responsible for me wanting to making my own games. I recently go a full license of the 1.4 version last year; thanks to the devs for making such an awesome engine. :)

Long story short, I make little short games for people who ask me to, like Pong clones for people to play at conventions, etc. Recently someone approached me asking to make a Scrabble-like match clone about medical terms. Seemed fine and I'm confident I can come up with something for them.

They dropped a bombshell earlier tonight that no, they essentially want a "Word with Friends" clone, complete with multiplayer and Facebook integration like the app. I'm almost certain this isn't possible and am about to go tell them I can't, but I wanted input if GMS has the framework to support turn-based multiplayer back and forth, with Facebook integration on a mobile device? Is something like that possible with the engine?

I've done some research and seen some "how to make multiplayer tutorials", but I'm getting mixed messages on if it can be done or not. Some insight would be appreciated.

Thank you!


Gay Wizard Freak
It can absolutely be done!
In fact, GM is probably one of the best engines to choose for this type of project because it's simple and 2d.
GM's Facebook integration is... usable, but there's extensions on the Marketplace to improve and update things like that.

So, yes, you could absolutely do this!
Awesome, thank you! I have huge learning curve ahead of me, but I'm glad it can support what I need done. Do appreciate the reply. :)


It's possible to do API integrations like this on GMS, but you'd better not do this without all the fronts covered: JS+CSS for HTML5, Objective C for iOS, Java for Android and at least one server-side language. Learn what you can, hire what you won't.
Gotcha, will keep that in mind. I'm definitely planning on hiring out the other sections that I don't know about, no stranger to that from past projects.