Can a sequence dynamically change path towards another object?


I'll explain what I mean. For context, I'm working on a strategy RPG game and want an animation for one unit attacking another. The attack animation I want right now is simple - I just want the attacker to kinda bump into the unit they're attacking. Just a forward and back motion - if you've seen older Fire Emblem games without animations on, something like that.

But, "forward and back" can mean many different directions depending on where the enemy is in relation to the attacker. Well, let's just say it's 4 for now - up down left and right.

So would I have to make 4 separate sequences, one for each direction? Because at that point I'd rather just stick to the manual coding I'm already using, writing code that just shifts the actors into place.

Sequences seem like a godsend for more complex and long character movements during cutscenes, at least.