GMS 2 Cameras: Advantages to New Camera vs. Modifying Default Camera Views?

What are the advantages of creating a camera instead of simply finding what camera the view is using then modifying it's size or position or other properties? What could I do with the 1st method, but not the 2nd method?

What does creating a new camera like this allow...

Create Event:
view_camera[0] = camera_create_view
(0, 0, _w / 2, _h, 0, obj_player_1, -1, -1, _w, _h)

Step Event:

var cam = view_camera[0]

That only modifying the default views like this does not?

Create Event:

view = view_get_camera(i)
view_w = 640
view_h = 360

(view, view_w,view_h)

Step Event:

(view,view_x, view_y)


Primary advantage of the room editor camera is that it is easy to set up. Pretty much everything else is a disadvantage. Setting up your own camera is also pretty easy and much more flexible. This tutorial is a great short summary:

Basically, if you are just getting started, or your game/project is small, your just testing things, etc. you can get by with the room editor's camera. Otherwise, probably don't use it.