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Question - Code camera_set_view_angle bug with tilemap ?

I was playing with the Arena shooter demo from GMS2 in order to understand the new camera system and I faced a really weird behavior (imho) with the camera_set_view_angle function.
I just add this line to the obj_camera, to have the camera view rotating as well when it shake.
//slowly decay any applied shake
shake *= 0.9;

var cam = view_camera[0]
//Line below is the one I've added
But then, when the view is rotating, row and column of tiles near the boundaries of the game windows disapear and then reappear randomly.

Is this an expected behavior because I missed something somewhere with the new camera system ?


I am having the same issue. The higher the shake value, the more it rips!
This definitely looks to be a bug with the new tile system (and possibly instances in general too) not accounting for view angle properly. Probably best for you to file it!
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