Camera Control in script

Ok, simple thing but kinda getting lost. What I'm attempting to do is control the camera based on certain inputs from the player or something in the game and what I'm not sure how to do or what concerns it is that the camera has speed (vertical and horizontal) and if the player touches the the Hbor or Vbor, the camera changes speed to the players speed or something similar to the effect. It's mostly just giving the camera speed and the player touching the Hbor or Vbor having an affect on that speed. Any advice or idea of where I can find what specifically talks about that? or maybe other advice to do things a bit easier (will elaborate when asked)


What version of Gamemaker?

There are tutorials on the new camera system from YoYo games that deals with making the camera follow a player and giving a 'hbor' and 'vbor', as you're referencing.

Nearly every platformer view tutorial on youtube touches on the topic of making the view follow the player. But the method of doing so is different depending on your version of GameMaker.
What I have is Version 1.4.1763 and what I'm doing is actually a racing game where I intend to have a full race track and allow the player to move around the view while in motion along the track (best example as a visual description would be the JetBike race in ChronoTrigger, though clearly different in how it actually works)