GMS 2.3+ Camera and mouse tracking stops working after switching rooms


So after finally making a successful dungeon generator, I tested it out on my game, only to find that whenever, my player enters a room, the camera object simply stops working, as well as the weapons, they just stop pointing at the cursor. At the first part of the clip you can see how everything is supposed to work, but once I switch to a room generated by the random generation, everything seems to stop working.

This is how it normally should work

But as soon as I transition to one of the rooms of the dungeon, this happens

As you can see, the view is suddenly zoomed out way more than it should be. The cursor is also ****ed, this is what the weapons should ideally be doing, pointing at and shooting where the cursor is


Instead, this happens when I switch rooms, this happens.


I can't seem to fathom why this is, I've set all rooms to be the same size, 1920x1080. All necessary layers have also been created for each room, and my camera object is set to persistent


Are you perhaps storing the ID of a non-persistent instance in a persistent instance? The output isn't of much help here. Perhaps if you showed some of your work, it might suggest what the problem could be.