Discussion Call for aid - Game console for Game creators

Hi! I'm a student from The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. I'm studying Design and Product Realisation. Currently, we're tasked to design a handheld game console for a startup company.

The main idea is to make creating games more accessible by creating a handheld console together with a system where you create and play your and other people's games. (Think Retro games, like NES and Sega Genesis) For more information about the concept you can read here: https://www.kieszen.se/

I kindly ask of you to aid us in developing this console by answering this survey: https://forms.gle/XTp5iJnJ6NehPwyS9

Please share your thoughts on the project! What do you think would make this great? Anything to avoid?

Thank you for your participation! I hope I haven't transgressed any community guidelines. :)
I don't get it. Is this supposed to be something serious you're actually trying to make? Or is it just a mock project for school? It says "make games easily!", and then says "let's learn assembly language!" right after, hahah. Not sure that's easy for most people!

Anyway, good luck with your project. The Ouya already tried something like this, though, and it didn't go well. I think the console market is very hard to break into.




Wow, okay.

If you haven't just broken a forum rule, you are dangerously close. Lets consider this a console and code conversation vs competition to GMS.

While I like working in limitations, its utterly pointless with a modern language option.
If you want something like this to sell, you'd need a ton of exclusives and an easier bar of entry than assembly or what ever this Ace language is.
Only die hards would revert back to stuff like this, and if they revert back to stuff like this, you better well guess they are going back to the original hardware too.

And yeah, Im really confused if this is just a practice pitch or an actual product you want to make lol.
I thank you for your answers! :)

This is most definitely a school project, our sole goal is to understand what a potential target audience would want from a system like the one described. Then we'll try to use that information to lead our design choices. Whilst the company we're tasked to work for is indeed a real one, we're like 30 different groups in school trying to design this console. The startup company (consisting of one or two other senior students) is serious about making this happen, we ourselves are just trying to do our best catering to their, and their potential users' needs. So to answer the recurring question, this is a school project with the potential to become a reality. (Though I'd like to add that the chance of that happening is rather small.)

I have to agree with you when it comes to the critique of the idea behind the console. We asked these questions ourselves, feeling that the system around the physical console would be essential for its success, and to be fair we're given little room in this department. This is one of the main challenges and we're trying to reach out to others with experience or ideas. This is where you could help us. How could the idea be refined? Maybe we have to redirect the concept somehow?

Once again, I appreciate you answering and hope I have clarified any questions regarding the goal with this project. It's first and foremost a school project for learning the design process.

Sorry for perhaps upsetting some of you!


I'd have put this in Off Topic... but anyway, personally I'd start with a Raspberry Pi?

Or you want to do the system yourself? Verilog? VHDL?