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Hi - my name is Jake. I work in the UK games industry and have a long standing passion for GameMaker dating back to some books I wrote with Mark Overmars many years ago!

My group have recently released some C++ learning resources aimed at pre-university students (ideal self-study for students before starting game programming courses).

If you've never programmed a game in C++ before then it's relatively easy to take a simple GameMaker game and port it over to C++ using this framework. However, I should stress that it's a very basic framework, only intended for learning: in particular it renders sprites in software so will actually be much slower than GameMaker! However - as a result - the entire library is only about 4,000 lines of code, making it achievable for a student to discover how every line works before moving onto something more advanced.

We would love to hear about anyone's experiences using it, and please feel free to report any bugs/comments to

We will be actively maintaining the project into the future, but we're not planning to add much more content to the framework, just make what's already there robust and easier for new learners to understand :) If you want to make highly-polished 2D games then you already have GameMaker!


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