Beta Bus Tycoon ND (Night and Day) Steam Greenlight


Hey Everyone,

Let me share a few screenshots of my next upcoming game. The players task is to buy new buses and create routes between cites and generate revenue to buy fuel and buy new bus models.

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Bus Tycoon ND Greenlight

Bus Tycoon Video Trailer

There are some nice "eyecandy" options like the day and night function and some more unexpected difficulties occur, like cracks on the road system that makes your vehicles brake down more often. Players also can upgrade stations to larger ones increasing passengers and also can place traffic lights make traffic more reliable.

Please share all your feedback I am currently in beta hopefully in the coming weeks I can make an early beta release.

A crowded night on the roads of Bus Tycoon. :)

Each bus can be selected to check their revenue, speed, fuel level, and passenger capacity.

Many types of vehicles. Small vans, city buses and completely electric with solar panels on top.

Gas stations get crowded tonight near Tylerton Hill city. A local traffic light make things even worse!

Albany Creeks Plaza station just got a huge overpass that will enable more passengers to transfer!

Some of the main functions and how to use them.

Please any feedback would be important for me! :)

Thank you guys.

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This seems like a pretty decent game, reminds me of Monstermind. If this is a mobile game, may i recommend making the buttons bigger, or an option because small screen users may have trouble pressing/seeing them ;). Also if you can, add music. Looking great so far!


Thanks Bingdom I will think about making buttons bigger. However, I usually create sensitivity areas bigger than actual buttons, so when users click nearby that is also a successful click. But maybe text should be a little larger.

If anybody would like to help me out a little bit please VOTE and leave a feedback on my Steam Greenlight, that would be super awesome!!

Bus Tycoon ND Greenlight

New Bus Tycoon GamePlay Trailer