Bundles, launch discounts and discounts generally

So I'm not exactly ready to release anything any time soon, but I am thinking about this a lot.

What is the consensus on bundles, launch discounts, or discounts generally? Some of my thinking points are:

- People love discounts and are more likely to buy if they're getting a deal
- Steam is renowned for having sales so people will expect it to go on sale at some point anyway

- Discounts make a game look cheap (if it was selling well, why would you discount it?)
- If a game has been discounted before, people will wait for it to be discounted again rather than buy it immediately.
- Developer made bundles would require me to have more than 1 game so that just leaves things like humble
- I generally don't value a 10% discount, but anything over 50% may seem like desperation
- People may feel scammed if they buy a game, only for it to be on sale for 60% later

Also does anyone have any experience with Humble bundle and how the perception of your game changed afterwards? I've heard there's some negative association with games that sold 200,000 copies for 1p, and generally get avoided forever more.


Firehammer Games
If it's me, I don't discount until later in the life of the game, when sales actually start dropping.

1. I'd start it at maybe a tier higher than what I think is the fair price(because often you undervalue your own product). So if I think it is a $19.99 game, I'd make it $24.99 on launch.
2. After some time period when sales drop off, I'd consider something like a 25% sale, enough to entice, but not enough to really devalue the product. I'd make that maybe a week or two, but no longer. A couple months after that, if I see it no longer sells, I'd consider a permanent price drop, in 20% increments, slowly over time.
3. I'd only consider something like humble bundle once a game is already at like 20% of the original price and is still no longer selling(past it's life cycle really).
4. Once you do have multiple products, you can certainly make your own discounted bundles, doing maybe 10-20% off each title depending on how many they are in that bundle.