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SOLVED Building to iOS 14 with GMS 2.2.5

Coded Games

Has anyone been able to build to iOS 14 with GMS 2.2.5? I just updated Xcode and have not been able to get my game to build. Here are the errors in Xcode:

Screen Shot 2020-09-17 at 7.21.55 PM.png

The main one being "invalid reuse after initialization failure". The GMS console does not have any noticeable error messages other than this:

Failing tests:
DecksOfDexterity Tests:
-[DecksOfDexterity_Tests testExample]
Testing started
Igor complete.

Any help would be appreciated. It would be a real shame if GMS 2.2 is no longer able to build for iOS. I also realize that it is probably extremely unlikely that GMS 2.2 will get any more updates for this now that 2.3 is out. It would be nice if it did though...

UPDATE: I just switched from build target iOS 8 to iOS 9 and now it works! Yay!


Game Maker 2 is no longer compatible with ios 14.

You need xcode 12 to build for ios 14 and Game Maker 2 currently does not support it.

I was able to build using Xcode 11.7, but it will not install the app on the iphone running ios 14, said it is not compatible
and you need Xcode 12.

Need to put in a ticket to Game Maker so they can update it.