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Mac OSX Building 64bit for MacOSX {SOLVED}



This is a BOGUS error warning in Steam. I needed to explicitly set a flag in Steamworks to say that 64bit binaries
were included, otherwise I got the 32-bit error.


I'm trying to build a MacOS version of my game for Steam, using a MacBook & GameMaker 2.

Due to the OS requirements, it needs to be a 64Bit build.

I've made a YYC build via XCode & enabled Hardened Runtime. When I do this, it warns that libsteam_api.dylib is both 32bit & 64bit.

So when I build & upload to Steam it seams to create a 32bit version, which then creates a warning in Steam that the game is 32Bit and won't run on my system!

I've downloaded the required version of SteamAPI for GM2 (1.4.2) - but looks like GM2 uses a 32bit version of libsteam_api.dylib from this???

I'm at a loss how to build a version of my game on Mac that people can actually play!

Any help really appreciated,

Thanks in advance.
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