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Question - IDE Build runs, but fails, with no error code


I've suddenly encountered an issue where running my project seems to have broken. The project launches, and the title screen appears, but I cannot interact with the game and I have to use task manager to close it. I've tried "cleaning" the project, restarting my computer, and reloading a previous version. Reloading a previous version works but I'd lose all my progress today and I'm pretty certain that this isn't a result of bad code on my end.

The output message directed me to check for compile errors but none appear.

The dialogue appears as:

X://bin/GMAssetCompiler.exe DONE (0)
Release build
Options: Z:/gameproject_BD4EE636_B62F9B3C\ExtensionOptions.json
Options: Z:/gameproject_BD4EE636_B62F9B3C\PlatformOptions.json
[Compile] Run asset compiler
C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe /c ""X://bin/GMAssetCompiler.exe" /c /zpex /iv=0 /rv=0 /bv=0 /j=8 /gn="gameproject v041" /td="Y:/" /cd="Z:/gameproject_BD4EE636_B62F9B3C" /zpuf="C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming/GameMakerStudio2\user_705352" /m=windows /tgt=64 /nodnd /cfg="default" /o="Y:/gameproject_v041_412669C6_VM" /sh=True /optionsini="Y:/gameproject_v041_412669C6_VM\options.ini" /cvm /baseproject="X:/BaseProject\BaseProject.yyp" "C:\Users\user\Documents\GameMakerStudio2\Projects\gameproject v2\Version files\gameprojectv041\gameproject v041.yyp" /bt=run /rt=vm"
Reading project file....C:\Users\user\Documents\GameMakerStudio2\Projects\gameproject v2\Version files\gameprojectv041
Reading project file....X:\BaseProject
Reading config delta 'C:\Users\user\Documents\GameMakerStudio2\Projects\gameprojectv2\Version files\gameproject v041\options\main\inherited\options_main.inherited.yy'
Compile Constants...finished.
Remove DnD...finished.
Compile Scripts...finished.
Compile Objects...finished.
Compile Timelines...finished.
Compile Triggers...finished.
Compile Rooms...finished.
Compile Extensions...finished.
Global scripts...finished.
collapsing enums.
Final Compile...finished.
Saving IFF file... Y:/gameproject_v041_412669C6_VM\gameprojectv041.win
Writing Chunk... GEN8
Writing Chunk... OPTN
Writing Chunk... LANG
Writing Chunk... EXTN
Writing Chunk... SOND
Writing Chunk... AGRP
Writing Chunk... SPRT
Writing Chunk... BGND
Writing Chunk... PATH
Writing Chunk... SCPT
Writing Chunk... GLOB
Writing Chunk... SHDR
Writing Chunk... FONT
Writing Chunk... TMLN
Writing Chunk... OBJT
Writing Chunk... ROOM
Writing Chunk... DAFL
Writing Chunk... EMBI
Writing Chunk... TPAGE
Texture Group - Default
Writing Chunk... TGIN
Writing Chunk... CODE
Writing Chunk... VARI
Writing Chunk... FUNC
Writing Chunk... STRG
Writing Chunk... TXTR
0 Compressing texture... writing texture texture_0.png...
1 Compressing texture... writing texture texture_1.png...
2 Compressing texture... writing texture texture_2.png...
3 Compressing texture... writing texture texture_3.png...
4 Compressing texture... writing texture texture_4.png...
Writing Chunk... AUDO
Writing Chunk... SCPT
Writing Chunk... DBGI
Writing Chunk... INST
Writing Chunk... LOCL
Writing Chunk... STRG
Stats : GMA : Elapsed=635.3538
Stats : GMA : sp=38,au=9,bk=0,pt=0,sc=0,sh=0,fo=1,tl=0,ob=27,ro=25,da=1,ex=0,ma=1460,fm=0xB2000D680020

C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe DONE (0)
Igor complete.
[Run] Run game
Options: Z:/gameproject_BD4EE636_B62F9B3C\MainOptions.json
X://windows/Runner.exe -game "Y:/gameproject_v041_412669C6_VM\gameproject v041.win"
Attempting to set gamepadcount to 12
DirectX11: Using hardware device
Collision Event time(microsecs)=3
Total memory used = 29319413(0x01bf60f5) bytes
Entering main loop.

X://windows/Runner.exe exited with non-zero status (1)
elapsed time 00:00:08.9807981s for command "C:\ProgramData/GameMakerStudio2/Cache/runtimes\runtime-" -j=8 -options="C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\GameMakerStudio2\GMS2TEMP\build.bff" -v -- Windows Run started at 05/14/2020 20:01:28
"cmd" /c subst Z: /d

elapsed time 00:00:00.0269040s for command "cmd" /c subst Z: /d started at 05/14/2020 20:01:37
"cmd" /c subst Y: /d

I'm happy to provide any other information that might help. For what it's worth, when I googled this issue I found a thread about someone who had experienced a memory limit by importing a bunch of uncompressed audio, but the only asset I've introduced today is a single sprite less than 75x75.

Thanks in advance for any assistance, I appreciate it!


Friendly Tyrant
Forum Staff
From the output and your description it looks like it runs fine, but something in the game is not working correctly. Add a breakpoint to the first object in the game, then run the game in debug mode and step through the code and see if you can identify where it's falling over and not working.