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Linux Build for Ubuntu (need confirm about which iso download)


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Those two files look like disk images needed to install Ubuntu on a computer (ISO is the standard extension for a raw disk image, and the "Ubuntu 18.04" suggests it's one of the long-term-support releases of it). If you need to install Ubuntu on a computer, you'll need one of those... but you should probably download the latest version for maximal stability, 18.04 is a couple of years old now.

Also, the "torrent" file is probably just a torrent to download the ISO file, not the file itself (note how it's several orders of magnitude smaller!)


Oh, the idea is to build the game for Ubunto, so I think I need a Ubunto computer to do this.... true?
Also I write 18.04 because I read the document, but if you think that I can download latest version.. will be more fine (for compatibility)


If you don't have a spare computer, install VirtualBox on your Windows or Mac computer and install Ubuntu 18.04 in it. I would strongly recommend not going with a newer version, unless you feel like you are capable of dealing with dependency issues which may or may not be possible to solve. The finished compiled programs have relatively few libraries they depend on (and you can run the games on non-Ubuntu Linux distributions most of the time), but the build process itself has a bunch of stuff that it expects to be in a certain way.


I've been building off a VirtualBox+Vagrant setup for quite some time now. The running speed is suboptimal, so you don't want to use it to test final products. But it works well enough for me because I only use it to run self-test suites for GML libraries.