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HTML5 Bug with HTML5 json_parse ?


I've come across the following problem:
I am using json_stringify and json_parse to encode/decode simple json, e.g.
On windows and Android targets all works well. Also with more complicated nested structures.
But on HTML5 it does not work.

When running in HTML5 json_parse throws the error:
{ message : "JSON parse error", longMessage : "JSON parse error", stacktrace : [ "function _0h("JSON parse error")

The problem is that g_var2obf is not defined and the following check
if (typeof g_var2obf !== "undefined")
is not performed when doing json_parse (unlike when doing json_stringify, where this check is made).
See attached screenshots.


I believe this is a bug in Game Maker Studio. Can anyone else confirm this ?

Thank you!
Sorry this isn't helpful, but I am having this exact same issue right now. Suddenly none of these are working for me: json_stringify, json_parse, array_push, array_pop.