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iOS Bug when launching landscape app on iOS 13



This might seem a bit off topic but I’ve found no other place where I could ask for help and you would do me a HUGE favour if you could help me out.

Due to the new App Store requirements, I am forced to update some of my older projects that I want to keep alive. One of those projects was made with GM 1 and the update is nearly finished, but I’ve encountered an issue that was also in GM 2 until Beta Version 2.2.4:

Even though the app is designed for landscape, it launches on iOS 13 with the wrong orientation (portrait). The visual corrects itself when tilting the device after the launch (see attached screenshot for mor details).

Given that you fixed this bug for GM 2, could you please tell me which changes I have to make in GM 1 and/or in Xcode to fix it?

I’ve made some research myself and the bug seems to be related to the fact that the presentationStyle of the View Controller is not set to fullScreen by default on iOS 13, but correct me if I’m wrong.

This bug was mentioned in the thread “GMS2 Apple Updates 2.2.4 Feedback” (I’d like to add the link to the thread, but I am not long enough a member of the forum) and the bug ID on your bugs site is 0031377.

Thank you in advance for your help.