Windows Bug tracking

I game maker compatible with any of the bug tracking (API). Such as bugsnag, bugskee, jira, sentry etc. If so which ones have an existing API.


natively : no

only thing GMS is compatible with is the GIT versioning program. So I assume in theory you could sync your repo with github (or similar) and from there through their API get a bug tracking
Thanks, guys. I'm currently using bitbucket. Looking at it there may be a number of solutions. I'll have to play with and find out I guess. Do any of you guys use anything for bug tracking if so what do you use? I did just find this link for anyone else looking into this.

Thinking about it linking to version control will be no good. I want errors to be reported from compiled versions out in the wild.


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What are you trying to achieve? Making your game report bugs automatically, display a list of the latest bugfixes on startup in an early access game, or making a bug-tracking app in game maker?