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Steam Bug, mouse will stop working when leaving and entering GMS2 until i right-click somewhere


Also. for some reason when i do right click and return to GMS2, it will write out "r f" where ever my cursor is situated. I have no idea, and this sounds so bizzare, so i tried recording it.

This only started happening recently. But i haven't gone into any beta modes. And i've tried restarting my pc a few times as well.
It only happens in GMS2 as far as i can see, but i wouldn't be suprised if windows 10 also somehow was to blame.

I've kinda learnt to deal with it now. But because of it, it sometimes breaks my code by putting in r f randomly.
Also sometimes it'll have started dragging a window around, so i'll screw up my layout by accident because of it. Very strange


Also will add. I've come to notice, that when i enter GMS2 i will sometimes need to press F R and SPACE on my keyboard.
If i do not, holding down the control key will open the search and replace window, as if F was already being held down.
And my mouse will pan around the workspace whenever i click on anything on the mouse, as if SPACE is being held down.

It's as if, when i go into Gamemaker, it thinks F R and SPACE are being held down, so i need to press them again to release them??? It's not a keyboard issue i'm pretty sure. But i'll try and experiment with a different keyboard soon anyway i guess